The art of olive pressing

uomo in un frantoio controlla il nastro trasportatore per la macinatura delle olive
Olive oil, often referred to as the ‘golden juice of the earth’, is more than just a condiment for our dishes. It is a testament to an ancient tradition, an artisanal process that winds its way through sun-kissed orchards and mills that work with mastery to give life to a precious liquid. In this article, we will explore the magical world of olive oil pressing, from how it begins in the earth to when it reaches our table.
The Olives: Heart and Soul of Olive Oil
The process begins with the careful selection of the olives, the fruit that symbolises peace and abundance. Each variety of olive carries unique nuances of taste and aroma, and expert farmers devote time and energy to selecting the perfect olives to create an extraordinary oil. Harvesting is traditionally done by hand, an act of care and respect for the tree and its fruit.
From Orchard to Oil Mill: The Olive Dance
Once harvested, the olives are ready for their journey to the oil mill. These mills are veritable temples of the art of pressing, where the magic begins to take shape. The olives are washed to remove any impurities, then ground to create a paste that will later be pressed to extract the precious oil. Temperature is a crucial element in this process; cold pressing is the key to preserving the aromas and nutrients of the olives, guaranteeing an oil of the highest quality.
The Art of Pressing: A Combination of Passion and Technique
Pressing is an art that requires skill and dedication. Traditional mills are often run by generations of artisans, who know every secret of the trade. The paste obtained from the milling is placed in the press, and the freshly pressed oil gushes out, bringing with it a wealth of flavours and aromas. This is the moment when the artisan transforms himself into an alchemist, creating a product that is much more than a simple condiment, but a tangible testimony of his love for the land and tradition.
Special Taste: Excellence in Olive Oil
Freshly pressed olive oil is a feast for the senses. Fresh, fruity aromas combine in a taste that tells the story of the land from which it comes. Every drop of this liquid gold is a tribute to the quality, passion and dedication that made its journey from the earth to the bottle possible.
In conclusion, the pressing of olive oil is much more than an industrial process. It is a marriage of nature, art and tradition, giving us an extraordinary product that has the power to transform even the simplest dish into an extraordinary culinary experience. In every drop, you can feel the magic of an ancient practice that continues to bring joy and nourishment to our tables.