Cookie Policy

The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to explain the types and categories of cookies, the purposes and methods of their use on this website, and to provide guidance to Users on how to refuse or delete cookies on this website.

  • What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are small files containing information and are stored by the browser on the User’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone); they are widely used because they are necessary for the use of the site itself as well as to collect statistical data on traffic: they can be used to remember preferences and passwords, to allow pages and content to be shared on social networks, to allow those who manage the site to have statistical information, such as the number of visitors, geographical origin, most visited pages, browsers or devices used.

A cookie cannot read personal data saved on the hard disk or cookie files created by other sites, since the only information it can contain is information provided by the User himself.

  • How do I delete cookies?

Since cookies are linked to the browser used, they can be disabled directly from the browser, thus refusing/revoking consent to their use (instructions for disabling cookies can be found on the following web pages: Mozilla FirefoxMicrosoft Internet ExplorerMicrosoft EdgeGoogle ChromeOperaApple Safari). If the User uses different computers at different locations, he must ensure that each browser is set up correctly.

By disabling cookies, you will still be able to use all the services and functionalities of the Site.

  • What types and categories of cookies does this site use?

This site uses the following categories of cookies:

  • technical cookies, used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of an electronic communication, to ensure the correct display of the site and navigation within it. In addition, they make it possible to distinguish between the various connected users in order to provide a requested service to the right user (Login), and for site security reasons. Some of these cookies are deleted when the browser is closed (session cookies), others have a longer lifetime (such as the cookie needed to store the User’s consent);
  • Third-party sites

The validity of the information contained in the present page is limited to the Site only and does not extend to other web sites that may be consulted through links; invites the User to obtain any information directly from such sites.