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On the Trails of Olives: A Journey into the Harvesting Methods that Give Life to Italy’s Liquid Gold.

uomini durante la raccolta delle olive

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) is the golden fruit that paints Italy’s rural landscapes. But behind the beauty of this first-rate culinary product lies an artisanal and traditional process of olive harvesting, revealing the dedication of farmers and the care with which they preserve the quality of their green treasure. 1. The Manual Collection: In […]

The Olive Trees of Salento

Salento’s olive groves are an iconic part of the agricultural landscape of this land. Apulia is famous for the production of extra virgin olive oil, and the Salento olive groves contribute significantly to this tradition. Here are some characteristics of olive groves in the Salento region: 1. Extent and Landscape: Salento’s olive groves extend over […]