Our olives are carefully grown in the heart of lower Salento in Puglia, among the countryside of the small town of Presicce-Acquarica, an area characterized by an ideal climate and nutrient-rich soil. Every drop of this extra virgin oil tells the story of our roots, our commitment and the passion we have dedicated to every step of production for three generations.

Rigorous Selection

Only the highest quality olives find their way into our bottles. A rigorous selection process on our own olive groves ensures that only the best olives, with the right stage of ripeness, reach the pressing stage. This commitment, combined with craftsmanship and respect for the environment, results in an oil with an unmistakable freshness and enveloping fragrance.

Distinct flavor

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a feast for the palate, with a balanced and complex taste that features fruity notes, a slight hint of pepper and a lingering aftertaste. Each sip will transport you directly to our olive groves, giving you a unique culinary experience.

Versatility in the Kitchen

From dressing fresh salads to enhancing gourmet dishes, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an ideal companion in the kitchen. Its versatility makes it suitable for every culinary creation, lending a touch of elegance to every dish.